Childhood Cancer Community Awareness 

Educating our community on facts, statistics and the signs and symptoms to look out for is our program goal.  By reaching others through school seminars, encouraging kids of all ages to advocate for kids or community events, we can raise awareness on childhood cancer and make a difference. 

Courageous Care Packs

Our care pack program is open to all children affected by childhood cancer and is created to have essentials that children may need as they embark on their journey to conquer cancer during their treatment and life in remission. Our program is offered to any child with cancer in South Texas and is filled with not only educational books on their diagnosis, but with toys and games that are entertaining during their hospital stays along with a cozy blanket and other take along essentials. 

Spiritual Counseling 

Our program goal is to provide low income families and those without insurance access to a spiritual counselor to support children diagnosed with cancer and their immediate family members which will encourage them to have better relationships with themselves, others, and the unknown during their cancer treatment. This program is to improve the quality of mental health. It can spiritually and mentally help our patients and their families deal with stress by giving them a sense of peace, purpose, and forgiveness which often becomes more important in times of emotional stress or illness. 

Nevaeh's Nutrition Cart 

Nutrition is an important part of development in all children, but it is especially important for children undergoing cancer treatment. Nevaeh's Cart is housed at the local hospital pediatric oncology floor and  designed to educate and encourage ways to include more healthy foods. Although Each child with cancer has their own nutritional needs which can be affected by their diagnosis,  treatment plan, age, and current medicines, our goal is to incorporate a  registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) or registered dietitian (RD) within our program to make available on site and create specific plans for patients and survivors.